About Comptrade

Comptrade Electronics CTE AB has served the industry since 1994, providing our customers with production material. Our experience tells us that your production flows and sourcing patterns doesn´t follow anyone elses. That is why Comptrade is your perfect partner for CUSTOMIZED DISTRIBUTION.

What are you looking for and when do you need it?

We work with hard to find items within the electronic industry and it is very important to fast and effictively handle questions we recieve and as soon as possible get back to our customers, if possible within 24 hours, to let them know if we can solve their problem or not. Our service is to find the right component with the right quality from the right supplier. The reason that component shortages occur is that some components have shorter lifecycles then the end product and therefore can´t be bought from the original supplier or that the production rate increases which leads to a higher demand then the access. Our customers prefer to use our services instead of handling it themselves as it is more cost effective.

We also work as an umbrella supplier for som customers. It means that we coordinate and secure purchases for them in order for them to decrease their number of suppliers and simplify their delivery monitoring.

Our way of doing business is built on personal sale through key account managers with assistance from the whole organisation.

Business idea

Our business idea is to offer fast deliveries of hard to find items, production material and excess inventory sales to the electronic industry in Scandinavia and with that be a complement when it is not possible to get deliveries from the ordinary supplier. This means that our customers can produce, deliver and invoice their products without larger disorders.

Why Comptrade?

The right componentwith the right qualityfrom the right supplier!